Ludo Land


Reminisce your childhood with Ludo Land!


Ludo Land is the digital adaptation of the classic strategy board game Ludo. The goal is to get all of your tokens to the center (home) of the Ludo board according to rolls a single dice.


Ludo Land is a casual multiplayer game that follows the classic rules of the strategy board game but is more engaging and entertaining. Download Ludo Land now!




--  Play with real-time 1-on-1 or 4 player matches

--  Play in 4 different modes classic, master, quick and magic

--  Language preference of English and Arabic

--  Receive free bonus when you download Ludo Land -- your new favorite game

--  Login daily to receive free bonus

--  Log in with Facebook or phone number to sync your gaming progress across all your devices

--  Spin the wheel to earn extra gold coins

--  Personalize the game with various token, dices, and themes


Ludo Land is brought to you by Zimbori Game Studio in association with WIZZO by MBC Group.



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